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3 Tips You Need To Know About Landscaping

If you are new in the field of landscaping and decide to work on your own dream lawn or backyard, the sky should be your limit. However, designing and successfully applying even the easiest tips of landscaping can prove to be quite stressful unless you take some things into consideration. Below you will find a list of tips that will help you plan ahead on your backyard and create the most outstanding designs, with little effort and, most importantly, with your own satisfaction and on a budget:

Plan for year-round design

Canada is not known for its hot temperatures during summer, but more for its chillier mornings. Thus, you should avoid from the beginning thinking that you will be able to acclimate exotic species of plants or decoration plants. Instead, you can think of year-round design which is easy to maintain and doesn’t cost you too much. Evergreen shrubs or bushes are a good option because most of them keep their leaves throughout the year, providing a wonderful explosion of colors and, thus, enriching the appearance of your backyard. For a more welcoming atmosphere, as well as for an energy boost each morning, plant these shrubs near the house or near its corners.

Don’t forget to add a walkway

No matter how large your backyard is or how many centers of interests it displays, your garden should always display a connecting walkway. Use large tiles, bricks or stones to connect different elements in your garden and this way you will not only create a wonderful effect of continuity, but will also keep your lawn and grass in shape, avoiding too much friction. Moreover, a walkway can easily connect the patio to the garden or the fountain, creating an interesting fairytale-like design which will be highly appreciated, especially if you have little children. Don’t forget to light your way through the garden by using light bulbs or sunlamps.

Create an outdoor hanging area

If your backyard is large enough to cover a walkway, different plants, shrubs, and even a small waterfall or a water element, then you should definitely make room for a small seating area as well. Place a bench or a table and some garden chairs to face the central attraction of your garden in order to enjoy nature at its best. Stones or pavers are the best solution to keep your bench or your staying area in place. If you need further recommendations about how to make your backyard look extraordinary, simply check out this website: