A Guide to Choosing Airport Transfers

Travelling is stressful enough without the traveler having to worry about how to get to an airport for a flight. Choosing a reliable airport transfer service with the best service and price can be a daunting task. The good news is that modern advances in technology make it easier for travelers to book various kinds of airport transfers. Below are tips for choosing airport transfer services. The tips can help a traveler schedule a transfer service for the right time while ensuring that it picks him or her promptly and gets to the airport in time.

A traveler’s planning can be of help to the airport transfer. Booking in advance will help the shuttle driver pick up the traveler promptly. It is advisable to calculate the length of time it will take to get to the airport and then add about an hour in case of traffic jams or the service is late. The traveler should also consider if he or she will be traveling through an area known to have heavy traffic or in a busy time of the day. The airport shuttle may have to deal with tolls, constructions, bridges or any other possible delays. Should this be the case, then one should allow for even more time when figuring out the pickup time.

Investigating several airport transfers is recommended. The traveler should check reviews of the services by previous passengers and ensure they are licensed to offer transport services in the area. Most of the services offered by airport transfers are similar. Hence, a traveler can make a comparison by enquiring about these areas of business.

When choosing an airport transfer service, the overall cost should be considered. When someone picks a cab for a trip to an airport, the fare usually depends on the distance travelled, with a pickup fee being added. However, many shuttle firms usually offer a flat destination fee, like from an airport to a hotel. The traveler should enquire as to whether the rates include transporting him or her alone, or whether other clients will be picked up en route. If other parties will be riding along, the company will most likely charge per passenger. For those with travel companions, it is advisable to book a shuttle just for the group as they will often be charged a flat fee.

If a traveler has a lot of things to carry, he or she should enquire on how much luggage the airport transfer service can handle. Certain services usually offer different kinds of vehicles like luxury sedans or larger SUVs. It is important to ensure that the vehicle they send can accommodate the entire luggage. Also, if someone is travelling with a pet, he or she should also ask whether they are allowed on board.

Even if the traveler has made a reservation, it is a good idea to call the service before the shuttle is due to arrive. This is for double-checking that the driver has the reservation, the pickup address and is scheduled to arrive on time. The airport transfer may have access to the flight’s departure time. The traveler can ask for updates concerning any flight delays.