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Creating a Contemporary Bathroom Theme on a Budget

Having a contemporary bathroom adds some style to your home. It also boosts your home value, making it easy to resale the house when the right time comes. Most homeowners shy away from the idea of contemporary bathroom designs because they fear the costs that come associated with these upgrades. The good news is you can get that dream bathroom without breaking the bank.

Work With What You Have

Just because your bathroom has a retro look doesn’t mean that you have to replace all the fixtures and tiles with new ones. Instead, you can use what you have to get what you need. All you need are a few tweaks that will change the look and function of the bathroom. For one, you can play with the color palettes to bring the effect you want. Some strategies are hard to dispute, and you will get the results you want through implementation.

You can also maximize the space that is under your sink using contemporary baskets. The baskets will add some texture and style to your room while giving you enough space to store towels and other linens.

When it comes to painting, use a color that matches the tones in your wallpaper. A ceiling paint job isn’t expensive, and you can decide to go custom depending on your needs. Coordinate the paint with the fabric that you have in the room for a better effect.

Use Fabric

One of the most inexpensive ways to change the look of your bathroom if you are a renter with minimal design permissions is to use fabric. You can use curtains to give the house the design you want without spending thousands of dollars.

Use Strategic Placement

At no cost at all, you can place items in the bathroom at strategic points to provide reflection and color to your bathroom. For instance, if you have a powder room, you can place the mirror in a vital point to reflect your wall color or add depth to the room.

Change the Shape

If you can afford it, you can change the shape of the tiles to give the room a unique look. The difference in prices will be insignificant. Your choice should also consider the color of the tiles. Consider white tiles as they make the room look bigger and trendier.

The Bottomline

It doesn’t take thousands of dollars to turn your bathroom into a contemporary haven. All you have to do is get the right accessories and change a few things in the bathroom to make it unique and more functional.