Various Well-Known World Bread

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Explore Various Well-Known World Bread

Bread is an everyday, staple food that you can find anywhere. These survived the test of time since the introduction of agriculture and became widely eaten in various cultures. These also come in different forms, such as loaves or spherical shapes. However, eating your standard bread over and over eventually becomes boring. How about trying out a few well-known ones to entertain yourself and to satisfy your curiosity?

Home Bakery

Starting out as a bread enthusiast requires you to find a bakery in which you may shop. Of course, you may bake your bread at home instead, which comes with multiple advantages if pulled off successfully. You may require a bread maker for producing homemade bread, so visit the website for detailed information about them.


Originating from the Jewish communities in Poland, a bagel is a form of bread produced by shaping the dough into a ring with a hole, boiling it in water and then baking it. The result of the process is a chewy, dense interior, with a brownish, crispy exterior. You may add toppings such as sesame seeds or insert fruits such as blueberries. Furthermore, one bagel contains plenty of carbohydrates that you may only need to eat one at a time. If these ever turn stale, turn them into bagel chips by baking them again to offer yourself a crispy, flavorful and fun snack.


The Italian ciabatta is a white bread processed from salt, water, wheat flour, and yeast. You may have already seen this on a few restaurant menus. Its typical form is the broad, elongated, but flat shape with a golden brown exterior and white powdered top. Similar to bagels, it uses white bread, and thus have high carbohydrate content and low nutritional content. Overall, you may consider it as a treat but unlike its overall impression, it is not a diet food.

French Baguette

One type of bread you can eat without any toppings is the baguette. However, that does not indicate that it will not taste delicious with other food. Thanks to its neutral flavor, it will not compete with the flavors coming from other food that you are eating, serving a purpose in the main course. Also, you may eat it with spreads such as butter or preserves, which compliments its bland taste and rough texture. Lastly, you may slice it for an easier and pleasurable time eating.

Tiger Bread

Have you seen that bread with a characteristic mottled crust similar to a tiger’s pattern? Its name is the tiger bread in the US or giraffe bread in the UK, and sesame oil participates in its production. Such an ingredient causes it to release a unique aroma that you will immediately recognize. Furthermore, manufacturers paint its surface with rice paste to produce the patterns. Overall, you have an original bread that has a soft interior and crusty exterior, as well as a distinct flavor and smell from its rice paste crust and sesame oil, respectively.


Eating bread can eventually become dull without trying a new type. However, one may begin buying world bread from a bakery or bake homemade ones independently. Also, there are multiple choices to choose from, such as bagels, ciabattas, baguettes, and tiger bread.