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Helpful Tips to Keep Your Foosball Table in Tiptop Shape

The fun in foosball comes from the competitiveness and the fact that a group of people can play football on a table. Enjoying the game depends on the state of the table as well, which makes it prudent that you maintain the table in proper working order. Here are some tips to follow:

Use Silicone on the Rods

Apply a few drops of silicone in and around the ball bearings of the rods to make sure they are working perfectly. Doing this once every month prevents the rods from snickering. Silicone is the recommended lubricant for your foosball table.

Tackle Dust Using the Right Cleaner

The foosball table comes with an open top. And even if you cover it while it is not in use, it still ends up gathering dust and specks of dirt, most which are not visible to the naked eye. Always use a special cleaner regularly to clean off the dust and dirt. Do some research and identify the best commercial cleaner to tackle the task.

Frequently Check For and Repair Loose Parts

As you hit the ball left, right and center, some of the components bear the brunt of the impact and become worn. Regularly check for any parts that are worn or chipped. For these, use special glue to hold the parts in place, failure to do this will result in further damage to the table and its components. Most of the commercial superglue brands can do the job perfectly; all you need to watch out is not to get the glue on the playing surface because it will leave patches.

Keep the Foosball Away from Extreme weather

One of the things that can affect a foosball table negatively is extreme weather. Snow, rain, sun and snow can easily damage your foostable table. The table is meant to stay indoors, away from these elements. If you have to use the table in the lawn or in the garage, make sure you don’t leave it out at night.


Many foosball players have so many memories attached to their tables; this is why they take good care of them knowing that they once had a competitive game on that table. You also need to take care of your foosball table the right way. Additionally, the money you put into buying the table isn’t a joke. When you make it last, you get your money’s worth in the end. You can visit Foosball Fanatic for more helpful tips.