How To Choose The Best Bread Machine For You

There are many types of bread machines and each type has different features and options, so here are some things to consider before selecting one. A cheaper machine may be a good solution if you only need one for occasional use, as this will also allow you to see if you like using a bread machine while saving some money. Choosing a professional bread machine is also a good idea, since you will benefit from the best features.


The design of the machine is what allows you to make any type of bread you want. So, before purchasing this item make sure to check if it’s easy to program and use, if you like the features it provides, if the shapes of the pan match your requirements and if it offers the right baking cycles.

Healthy bread

If you are on a diet or just want to eat healthier foods, whole grain breads can be a good addition to your menu. However, grains make a heavier dough so you will need a professional bread machine with extra power to handle this type of baking. Check to see if a machine has the feature for whole wheat or whole grain cycle before purchasing it. Bread machines with dual paddles also ensure good kneading.

High quality machines

Finding the best Panasonic automatic bread maker can be rather hard with so many types available, but choosing one that comes with a warranty of at least one year may be the best solution, as renowned companies deliver products that last for at least a year. Most high quality bread machines usually last for about 3 years. You should also check if there is a customer service team available to answer your questions if something goes wrong during the baking process. Moreover, the timer should be easy to set and use.

Available cycles

All bread machines have a basic and a dough cycle that allow you to make breads and dough products. However, you can choose a machine with a large variety of cycles that are suitable for specialty uses, depending on what you are going to bake. Apart from the basic cycle, you can also opt for the whole grain one if you want to make your own wheat bread. If you are looking for a crisp, brown crust, the French bread cycle is definitely a good option for you. The raisin and nut cycle is ideal if you like to add these ingredients in your bread without worrying that they will be dried or smashed before the baking begins. Cake or batter bread cycle allows you to enjoy the unique taste of sweet breads. You can also make jam, jellies, pasta and pizza dough choosing the appropriate baking cycles.