Imaging & Rights

The Department of Imaging & Rights sells photographic and digital reproductions of rare material in the Morgan's collections.


  • Digital image files are available for purchase for research and publication purposes.
  • Black-and-white 35 mm microfilm is available for purchase for research purposes only.

Requests may be sent by completing the online form. The application form  must include the following information:

  • Name, address, e-mail, phone and/or fax number.
  • Type of photography requested.
  • Description of item(s) for which photography is requested.
    • Accession number
    • Author, artist or composer name
    • Title
    • If applicable: Publication information (place and date of publication and publisher of the rare material)
    • Page, folio, or plate number (for images of individual pages)
    • Please consult the Morgan's online catalog, CORSAIR for descriptive information about collection items.

If the material is being requested for publication please provide the following information:

  • publication medium: print or electronic
  • title, author, publisher, approximate print run of publication (how many copies will be printed?)
  • distribution rights requested, i.e. North American rights, world rights
  • language rights requested, i.e. specific languages in which the publication will be printed
  • If the intended use is other than print or electronic publication, please describe it as completely as possible.

Please do not send payment with the request. An invoice for all charges will be e-mailed to you.

Please allow 2–3 weeks for initial processing. Existing photography is provided 1–4 weeks from date of full payment of invoice. New photography is provided 4–8 weeks from date of full payment of invoice.

Large and complex orders or requests for which new photography is required may take longer. Please indicate if your project and/or publication deadline is approaching within the next three weeks. RUSH service may be available. Additional RUSH fees may apply.

New photography of rare material is evaluated on a case by case basis. New photography is approved only if the rare material can be photographed safely.

Please note that the Morgan cannot provide photography of items that are not a part of its collections.

In order to assure optimal results, the Morgan allows reproduction only from publication quality digital image files. The Morgan does not authorize reproduction from reference books, low resolution digital files, photocopies, microfilm, 35mm color slides, or photographic material obtained from other sources. Unauthorized duplication or dissemination of the Morgan's photographic material is forbidden.