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Importance of Personal Protective Equipment

One of the missions of health and agency companies is to ensure the safety of workers in their respective place of work. The adage which says the place of work is the place of death is something they go against with passion.

Lots of people get injured and most of it leads to a lifetime injury at their place of work and less or no means of protection is being put In place by their employers.

However, irrespective of their inability to make provision for protective equipment, you have every right to request for one depending on the nature of your work.

You health and safety should be the first thing you have to consider when accepting any business proposal. Although, not all work requires protective equipment but there are some work that you must make use of Personal protective equipment.

The rate of death of people increases yearly as a result of safety issue from work. There are different types of personal protective equipment for different work which I will list below. The best thing for you to do is to use it to your benefit as most companies won’t take sole blame for any injury and health issues you develop from your place of work.

Types of work and PPE

Welding: This type of work exposes your eyes to rays of light and in the long run, it will affect your eyes because the rays are unhealthy to your lens. Therefore making use of a welding helmet will keep your eyes safe from the ray of light. This is a healthy measure to keep your eyes in good condition.

Furniture: This type of work deals with asbestos and according to health report; this is a poison to the body.  Inhaling this will cause more havoc to your health and this is why you have to make use of nose guard. This will help to filter the air you inhale whenever you are at work.

Construction work:  It is advisable that you make use of helmet, knee sac and a quality safety boot. This implies to those who work at an elevated place and has the tendency to fall off. This PPE will reduce the intensity of the injury whenever any complication occurs at work.

Electricity: Much of your work deals with current, therefore it is advisable that you make use of hand gloves as this will keep your hand safe and prevent you from direct contact with currents that can harm you.