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Indicators of a Bad Martial Arts School

Martial arts schools provide an ideal platform for learning different skills with regard to combat, self-defense, and common discipline. Sadly, not all academies are run professionally. That makes it difficult to differentiate the good ones and the bad ones. However, if you are certain about what you want, you can easily identify a bad martial arts school. Unfortunately, not everybody knows what to look for, especially adults seeking to enroll their children or themselves as beginners. Whether you want to learn Martial Arts in the London area or any other part of the globe, this article explores some of the most obvious indicators that a school is not ideal for you or your child.


It is unfortunate that some people assume that their instructor should be a legend in martial arts. Being a champion or a popular fighter does not translate to being a great instructor. Whereas experience is important,  your instructor should bring something more to the table other than his fighting ability. Look for a school that recruits qualified trainers, with the ability to run the business in a professional manner. If your instructor spends most of his time doing his personal things or badmouthing others, you need to reconsider your loyalty. There is no point wasting your time with an instructor who is not fully committed to you.


There is no second chance for a first impression, an old saying that goes a long way in helping people distinguish between the good and the bad. If you walk into a facility for the first time and all you see and smell is filth, for your own good, turn around and don’t look back. If the management does not care about the cleanliness of their facility, they sure as hell don’t give a hoot about you.


If you sense or notice any discrimination in your school, you are in the wrong place. Martial art is a traditional discipline that not only teaches combat skills but also instills morals and discipline to the learners. Racism, discrimination by gender, age, or even appearance is a big no. Don’t be part of such social immorality just because you’ve signed a contract.

Forced Obligations

If by any means you are made to do something that you feel you are not yet ready for, you are in the wrong place. Even though martial arts training is intense, everybody has their limits. If your body cannot handle a particular routine, do not push it to a breaking point. Your instructor should understand when you have an injury and motivate you rather than pushing you against your will.

Overall, you need to know and understand what you are getting into before enrolling in any martial arts school. A good understanding of what you want will be vital to help you choose a school that is right for you.