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What is the right way to clear meat slicer?

Nowadays most of the manufacturers using such great invention like meat slicer. It allows you to cut meat, bread, sausage and other problems into perfectly thin slices. As this device is used almost in every respective shop or supermarket there is a problem of its maintaining. That is why it is very important to facilitate the process of cleaning of slicer for meat as much as it is possible. Owners and managers of gastronomes and food supermarkets well know about the importance of commercial slicer maintaining in the clean state to prevent the distribution of microbes and cross-pollution. Cross pollution happens when product slicers are not cleared after each use. Read further information and try to adhere the following important steps when cleaning these irreplaceable machines. Other information about meat slicers can be found at The secure smooth operation of the device.

Here is the instructions.

  1. Remove all food wastes from the areas of a knife. Put on special gloves and a disposable rag, disinfect the machine. Wipe a knife surface with a disposable napkin and change a rag after each use. It will allow keeping the moderate bacterial micro flora on a slicer and around it.
  2. Clean a knife of a slicer by washing with hot water mixed with recommended detergents. Follow instructions of the slicer manufacturers where specified what detergents and the correct mixes should be used. Carefully clear all details, which cut food. Wash them well with a hot water and detergent for removal of the remaining bacteria. The machine must be carefully cleared every day, or after intensive use. The manufacturers strongly recommend washing out a slicer instantly, right after a cutting of any type of meat or cheese.
  3. Cleanse a slicer after washing and rinsing. It should be sanctified by means of hot water. Wash it once again or place removable details in the dishwasher. Then wash it with very hot water, to apply the disinfecting solution and to allow drying in the open air. Disinfecting solution needs to be mixed according to instructions of the producer.

Many slicers are equipped with a thick plastic cover over a knife, which helps to keep parts cleanness, without dust. Before the purchase of a slicer look for the device, which parts can be easily sorted for cleaning.

One of the main reasons for frequent cleaning of a slicer is processing of different products with one knife. In this case risks of cross pollution increase. For cleaning and disinfection of all kitchen equipment, it is necessary to use a sink with three compartments. Three sections of a sink include a cleaning compartment, which contains soap solution; perform washings with hot water, containing a chemical disinfectant.