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Odys Global is a premium aged domain marketplace aimed at helping people start an online business.
Businesses that work with us grow faster, rank higher, and get support along the way.

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Building success
since the dawn of the web

In the early years of the internet, we were among the first members of SEO forums and website building communities. After years of successfully building, buying, and selling websites, we launched our first premium aged domain marketplace in 2017. We set off by connecting with folks from the SEO & affiliate marketing communities and now have over 20,000 members in the Odys Marketplace. Odys is not just a place for buying domains, but rather a network of like-minded people working together to build profitable websites and expand their businesses.


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It's imperative to us that our members enjoy a smooth experience and we work hard to secure it.



The world offers so many niches to choose from and every one of them is ripe for business.



We support you with insights for developing successful digital projects in each Odys domain.


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Odys members have already realized the value of premium aged domains and are maximizing their potential.

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responsible for making the magic happen

We are a team of doers, passionate about making a difference. We are dedicated to growing a community of domain investors and offering unique digital assets to them: premium domain names.

Alex Drew

Founder and CEO

Alexandr Vozicov

COO & Product Owner

Olga Ciobanu

Head of Finance

Svetlana Plop

Head of HR

Vitaliy Kosachev

Head of Tech

Souvik Gosh

Head of Domain Services

Oleg Burcovschii

Head of Product Design

Dumitru Stanciu

Head of Marketing

Kiril Papaz

Head of Acquisition

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